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"A problem shared is a problem halved."

One-on-One Counselling

At Sunshine Therapy we are devoted to assisting and guiding those who seek to improve their mental well-being.

Professional Guidance

Our guidance comes from degree qualified counsellors, providing the highest level of quality and care for our clients.

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All around the world, people at times feel insecure, behave irrationally, disagree with the ones they love, lose hope and simply feel like giving up. There are many different strategies people use for managing these challenges. Some people use support groups or psycho-educational workshops, while others read self help books and cope on their own with out therapy.

Nevertheless, for many others, therapy with a one on one counsellor provides the personal support necessary to make long lasting changes. Counselling will help with your thinking patterns to make them positive, to give a different perspective on your life, achieve goals, become assertive and help guide towards a meaningful and wholesome life.

My name is Georgia and I am a South Australian counsellor based in the South of Adelaide. My private counselling practice is underpinned by my caring, non judgemental and confidential approach. My counselling is humanistic and person centered.

I very much look forward to supporting you and helping you realise your full potential.

Georgia Tolson BSocSc

I am currently completing a Masters in Social Work with a strong focus on Mental Health


Prices for 2014-2015

Prices start from $25 per hour (minimum consultation is 1 hour)


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